Success All Around


Sunday, March 6, 2022

         This morning, as I sat at my desk hoping to type out a respectable piece of writing, I got quite frustrated because I didn’t seem to be having any luck. I guess I began to feel like a failure, like my endeavor to produce some good writing had not been a success. I got up and wandered around the semi-dark house in a tizzy, feeling sorry for myself for being a failure. But soon, another way of understanding success came to me. I noticed the morning mist outside was being a beautiful success at being mist, and the silent trees were successful at being silent. I saw some dust on my desk that was perfectly successful dust, and the little lamp beside it was, at that moment, making a very effective light. Then, for some reason, I noticed my breathing, my lungs silently lifting and falling, as they’ve been successfully doing for 80 years. I paused, and slowly a smile came. I stood for a minute or two in silence, thinking a few very successful thoughts about how  success is always present all around me, for thousands and millions of miles. Tomorrow morning, I hope I remember that when I sit down at my desk to write. 

The Mystic River on our rainy morning walk, with Delycia leading the way.

One thought on “Success All Around”

  1. Ham this was just what I needed to read this morning at 3am as I found myself very successful at being wide awake though I wished I was asleep! What a wonderful twist in perspective. Yes success is all around, I just have to notice it. 🙏

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