Friday, March 4, 2022

         Today, like all of them, will be an imperial one, and I hope I can appreciate the majesty of it. Every single moment, even worrisome ones, will be somehow magnificent, dressed in princely clothes and arriving with impressive pronouncements. I should make a slight but serious bow to each moment, showing obeisance to its splendor. On our daily walk, I’ll see the trees curtseying as stately breezes sweep through, and my thoughts may often feel more majestic than a sunrise. All my feelings today, even the smallest, will be kingly and queenly, as if royalty is right beside me. True, most of the time I’ll just be walking or standing or sitting in our small, humble house, but there will be something distinguished even in the soft carpets, and even a cup of water will have a royal look.  

Below is our chalkboard poem for today …

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