Tuesday, March 1, 2022

         Today, as on all days, there’s a system that’s working flawlessly to preserve the infinite and fruitful unity of everything – and I am an essential part of that system. It’s a process that’s seen in the tapping of my fingers on the computer keyboard, the kindly flow of breezes among tree limbs and leaves, the sunlight that lets its miracles move smoothly along even on the darkest days. The universe that I am part of is a generous arrangement of ever-productive forces, and today, as always, I will have the fun of witnessing and participating in those forces in their smooth efficiency. Moments will marshal themselves with expertise, thoughts will mastermind their wondrous mental powers, feelings will choreograph beautiful dances, squirrels will scamper in meticulous ways, and my old lungs will lift and fall with newborn fastidiousness.  My part in this ever-perfect process is to listen, watch, welcome, and – of course – joyfully join in!

Below is our beautiful sunroom today, with Delycia’s spectacular amaryllis plants…

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