Seem and Govern


Sunday,  February 27, 2022


         More and more each day, I see that life can seem to be countless things that it is not. It can seem to be a burden I have to carry, when in truth, it’s as light as a few friendly and helpful feathers. Life can appear to be big and strong and a bully, when really, it’s as light and pleasant as miles and miles of air. Every day can seem like a confusing and scary maze, when actually, a day is a dear friend that wants to find and help me. Some moments can seem like steep mountains to climb, when really, all of them are made of grace and easiness, and wish me all the best. 


What is it that governs me today? For most of my life, I might have answered that material things are my rulers – things like my body and the weather and the strength of my investments – but now, at the settled and satisfied age of 80, I see that I am presided over by a far superior power. There’s a force inside and surrounding me today – a force that flows from nowhere to everywhere – that decides the direction each and every moment will take. What I need to do is simply concede to that force and follow its considerate and invincible leadings. I can be an old and lucky leaf today, drifting in a brand-new, everlasting wind. 

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