Friday,  February 25, 2022

         Today, I hope I can be aware of the tranquility that is always inside and all around me. I truly cannot escape from the calmness that is everywhere, so I may as well relax and enjoy it. Of course, tranquility does not seem to be everywhere, since unrest and anxiety make such a stormy show of themselves, but when I put on my mind’s microscope or binoculars, I see so clearly that behind all the turbulence is a vast and peaceful sky. When I look very, very carefully, any disorder slowly dissolves like mist in morning sunshine. Yes, there is definitely turmoil in the world, and in my life, but it’s like clouds passing across the sky. I need to accept the fact of the clouds’ existence, but I hope I can silently study them – the disturbances – and begin to see, again, the tranquility of  the boundless sky behind and above them.  I can definitely work to change a situation – to help the clouds pass away, you might say – but the restful, immeasurable sky of reality is always there, waiting to be seen.  

Below is a slide show of scenes from our recent walks. Can you see two of my beloved stone cairns on the rocks?

And here is our chalkboard poem for yesterday …

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