Movement and Marvel


Friday, February 18, 2022


         Movement is everywhere, always. Life is in endless motion, swirling and rolling and tumbling in its countless ways. As a participant in life, I, too, am always moving. No moment in my life ever stays still, but is constantly customizing and enhancing itself, and me along with it. Like rivers that are always rolling along, if ever so slightly, I am always being carried by the good currents of the universe. Nothing is ever still inside me, or in starlight, or in the swaying of oceans. 


         I guess I should always be ‘marveling’ at life, because it is, for sure, totally marvelous. Even these words appearing now on my computer screen as I tap on the keyboard is a stunning marvel, and the fact that thoughts somehow arose inside me and started me typing these words is a bewildering wonder. Today, I should probably stare and gape all day long as new moments burst open in their uniqueness, for nothing will be ordinary and everything will be marvelous. Even disappointments or sorrows could, if I’m watchful, be spectacular in their ability to bring me truth and understanding, and fears could open new and wonderful doors.  Whatever happens today – high winds or sunshine or worries or simple words between two best friends – I should sometimes just stand in awe.  

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