Saturday, February 12, 2022

         At every moment, I have a certain view of life – a particular way of seeing things – and it is this view that creates either happiness or discontentment for me, either satisfaction or fear. It’s totally my choice, moment by moment. I can see life as a fairly small, closed-off room, or I can see it as a wide-open vista of possibilities. At each moment, I select a specific way of seeing things, and it’s that personal, freely chosen viewpoint that makes delight or disappointment for me. Life doesn’t create troubles and tribulations. Only my own thinking – my chosen way of seeing things – can do that. Yes, challenging situations will always arise – complex and puzzling predicaments that need to be carefully studied and worked with – but only my adverse view of them creates distresses and worries. It’s amazing but true: only my thoughts can throw an intricate situation into fearfulness and disarray. 

         It’s liberating to realize the astonishing power of a viewpoint. Seen from the perspective of calmness and wisdom, any seeming difficulty can transform into a lucky chance, and troubles can reshape into occasions for insight and advancement.

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