Thursday, February 10, 2022

         It’s good for me to withdraw now and then – to pull back from what sometimes seems like the ‘contest’ of life, and simply sit on the sidelines in peace and thoughtfulness. I so often get caught up in the daily struggle to accomplish this task, complete this chore, and check-off this list, and it would be helpful to occasionally – or perhaps often – fall back in quiet retreat and retrieve the peacefulness I left behind. I need to disengage now and then – to let go of my goals and wishes and worries, and just allow some of the natural nonviolence of life to calm me down and open a door to tranquility. A few minutes of silent sitting with just my easy breathing for company would be a refreshing pause, a chance to allow the so-called struggles to slowly disappear and leave only the boundless, always accessible peace of the present moment.    

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