Wednesday, February 9, 2022

         I need to relax more often, and it should be easy for me, because the Universe, of which I am a part,  is always relaxing. It seems clear to me now that everything around me – and inside me – is always loosening up and easing off. ‘Taking it easy’ is the way the entire Universe lives. Winds and sunrises and shadows and limbs of trees and cells in my body all stay loose – always. If something seems to go wrong, it’s merely the looseness moving in ways I’ve never seen before. The present moment, which sits at the exact center of everything, is always relaxing, precisely because it has no opponents – no enemies to cause resistance or tension. The ‘here and now’, which includes me, is its own boss, and therefore rolls and slacks off and takes its ease, with me inside it. 

         I hope I can more often enjoy the ‘chilling out’ way the Universe lives.  

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