Saturday, February 5, 2022

         In the early morning, like right now as I’m typing at my desk, the coming day often seems littered with obstacles – projects and duties and to-do’s that stand among the coming hours like complicated barricades. I often feel like I have to carefully evaluate these obstacles – push them and prod them and poke them until they finally give way and move aside. A coming day, in this scenario, can loom like an endless series of adverse encounters and contests.  

         Another view of a coming day is to see it for what it actually always is – a wide-open and boundless land of opportunity. Every moment is made of endless constructive possibilities. The horizon of each hour stretches out for limitless miles and miles, and all I have to do, each moment, is see the ever-present open door and walk through it. The only obstacles in this coming day, truly, will be constructed by my own thoughts. For some strange reason, I have an 80-year-old habit of building barriers with my thinking, and then feeling frustrated because I can’t get around them. 

         This day, February 5, 2022, will be totally unfastened – as clear and passable as the wide open sky. Yes, my thoughts will seem to close a lot of make-believe doors as the hours pass, but the fact remains that openness will really be all there is. I should be stunned, all day, by the views.

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