Thursday, February 3, 2022

         Sometimes, peace can seem so distant, like an isolated, inaccessible paradise, but sometimes, too, I see that it’s sitting right beside me, and inside me, and smiling in its lighthearted way. Calmness is always quietly present, waiting for me to wake up and see it. It’s at the precise center of everything, from the wildest storms to the silent swaying of grass blades in breezes. There’s restfulness in snowflakes falling among trees, in thoughts, even the sad ones, sailing through my life, and in feelings, even worrisome ones, slowly unfolding from nowhere.  Peace is like a treasure that shines all around me – always – but I often fail to notice it. There’s calmness at the quiet heart of every moment, if I simply open its door. This moment, as I’m typing these words, has no boundaries, and therefore no conflicts – and the next one, too, and on and on forever. Tranquility will take a walk with me whenever I’m ready. I just have to set down – and it’s so easy to do! – my big bag of worries, and feel the freedom of always-present and infinitely powerful peace. 

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