Monday,  January 31, 2022

         Like almost everyone, I’ve always enjoyed having good things happen immediately, and I realize more and more clearly now that the very best and newest things always happen immediately. A brand new moment, for instance, always happens right now, instantly. There’s no waiting involved. Instantly and always, a fresh and unsullied moment rises like an amazingly new sun. Even in the midst of sorrow or disappointment, I can be blessed, right there and then, with a new, state-of-the-art moment. In a flash, too, a thought of kindness can come to me, with no delay at all – as if, like a magician, I can clap my hands and, presto, a generous thought will throw itself like starlight across my mind. The truly good things in life, I realize now, never have to be waited for.  Contentment, for instance, is always quietly by my side, ready for me to see and accept it, and peacefulness, here and now, endlessly flows along in my bloodstream. At every instant, immediately and always, breathing sings a good song in my chest. All I have to do is stop all my waiting, and just listen. 

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