Wednesday,  January 26, 2022

         I used to think that I am ‘able’ to accomplish many tasks, but now, in these elder years of my 80’s, I realize that it’s not some separate ‘I’ that is able, but the vast Universe itself, and what is called ‘Hamilton’ is simply a lucky ripple in the Universe’s gifted and infinite flow. The word ‘able’ derives from the Latin word ‘habere’, which means ‘to hold’, and indeed, this splendid universe holds countless talents that easily swirl through me as life glides along. I seem to be able to write interesting paragraphs and poems, but it’s actually the Universe – Life itself – that holds the ability and lets it stream through me in order to fairly easily set words on the computer screen. The Universe is skillful beyond measure. By itself, it makes my breathing, and the look of light on lawns and trees, and the shine of all the stars, and the soft, astonishing explosion of each new moment. There is no finer talent than my body’s cells’ ability to breathe and build my life anew each moment – and the ability does not belong to me, but to the Universe itself. I live a masterly and accomplished life, yes, but only because I’m lucky to be a swirl in our endlessly qualified and capable Universe. 

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