Monday,  January 24, 2022

         I like to think of each day as a tournament, a quiet and welcoming competition to see what prizes might be won. In this ‘tournament of life’, everyone is always a winner in some way or another, always reaping surprising – and sometimes unnoticed – rewards and prizes. Each moment is a championship round, and everyone and everything is a winner – all people, rays of sunshine, small insects, passing winds, wild foxes. Somehow, in this endearing tournament of everyday life, all the moments are champions, and each competitor takes home a trophy. I like to listen for the cheering of the crowd – branches of trees and shadows on lawns praising the winners, houses and stores smiling as the champions – which are all of us – parade by. This day, like all of them, will be a peaceful, astonishing contest where every competitor, whether a leaf or a cloud or a mom or a meadowlark or me, will take home a trophy.

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