Monday,  January 17, 2022

         Everyone needs a haven, a place of comfort and safety to return to when times are tough, and over the course of 80 years, I’ve slowly discovered a haven that always holds its doors open. It’s simply the always ready, always easily accessible present moment. I don’t have to search for this haven, or wait for it, or hope for it, for it is always right here and right now, and it’s always endless – with no boundaries whatsoever. It’s like wandering through a mystifying, often fearful wilderness and suddenly seeing, right in front of me, a refuge of advice and support. And this haven is always here, right now. All I ever need to do is get still, take a few breaths, and then behold the boundless harbor of the present moment. It’s always a home for me, a heartening place of wellbeing and wisdom, a shelter where I can rest in the astounding peace and loveliness of what is.  

… a poem from several years ago …

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