Sunday,  January 16, 2022

        I can always benefit from advice, and I find, more and more, that it’s always everywhere, waiting with its gracious wisdom. If I sit quietly and simply look at the soft light of the computer screen, some useful instruction about life might come, or if I listen to the sound of my footsteps on our soft carpet, essential guidance is there to be given. Life, at my lucky age of 80, has become a marvelous mystery, and I depend on the good counsel I get from my everyday teachers – from my breath coming and going, from the sounds of winds and highways, from the look of sunlight on winter’s bare trees. Perhaps best of all, there are the thoughts that rise up inside me like dearest friends that speak their good hints and tips with kindness. These thoughts come from the countries of nowhere and everywhere, and give guidance that’s made of everlastingness. All I have to do is let go, get still, and listen.   

… a poem from several years ago …

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