Saturday,  January 15, 2022

         A strong wind is blowing this morning, and it makes me think, in a comforting way, of the wind of life that’s always flowing within and around everything. Each moment is a fulfilling puff by the everlasting and loving universe that breathes for all of us – for oceans and skies and squirrels and old dudes at their desks in the early morning. The endless winds of life sweep across all my moments, like this morning’s wind is working powerfully but carefully among the trees and homes in our neighborhood. Every thought I have is a flutter or gust of the boundless, rescuing wind of life, and every feeling that flows through me is part of the sea of feelings that’s been flowing everywhere forever. When I see an old leaf  today coasting in the air on the breath of the breeze, I will think of my old, unfastened, 80-year-old self, drifting in delight on the limitless and soothing wind of life. 

some ducks having fun in a pond we passed on yesterday’s walk

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