Friday,  January 14, 2022

         Today I’m hoping to see the amazing similarities that exist everywhere in the universe. Instead of seeing mostly differences and diversity, which I’ve spent countless days doing in my 80 years, I want to notice the beautiful resemblances that are everywhere – the likeness between winds and my wafting thoughts, between boulders and the solidness of kindness, between the sky and the endless opportunities for friendship. I hope to see the everlasting kinship of all thoughts as they flow from forever to forever, and how lives can look so much like mountains as they magnificently stand together. It could be a ‘day of resemblance’, a special holiday in which the sacred similitude of all things is celebrated – the closeness of disappointment and advancement, of darkness and sunrise, of people and polar bears, of lamplight and a glowing feeling. The universe is a wide-open and welcoming community, in which closeness easily overpowers aversion, and similarity sings the best song. I will definitely be listening today. 

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