Wednesday,  January 12, 2022

         I often worry that my life lacks orderliness, that I’m not keeping good care of my files and accounts and duties – and those worries are certainly reasonable. I do have to pay closer attention to important daily tasks. However, it helps to sometimes pause and remember that life itself has a built-in neatness and symmetry. For instance, there is nothing more organized than my moment-to-moment breathing. With no help from me, my chest reliably rises and falls in a well-ordered  way – roughly 15,000 times every 24 hours, over and over with fairly perfect uniformity. Also, the approximately 37.2 trillion cells in my body provide structure for it, take in nutrients from food, convert those nutrients into energy, and carry out specialized functions – all in an exceedingly systematic manner. Plus – and I love to consider this – nothing is better organized than the present moment, in which I always live. Each moment is precisely what it is, and is doing exactly what it is doing, and therefore could be said to be always perfectly prepared and organized. And, since I always dwell in the present moment, and am part of the present moment, then, in that sense, I, too, am always perfectly prepared and organized. 

         Yes, I do seem to be somewhat disorganized, and in a way, I am. However, the real ‘me’ is actually part of the ever-orderly, smoothly flowing present moment, and what I must do is simply pull back the curtain of my own distracting thoughts and see the orderliness that lives at the center of all of life. I don’t have to become more organized. I just have to practice seeing – and being – the tidiness and efficiency that is already everywhere.   

a poem I wrote several years ago
our chalkboard poem for today

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