Sunday,  January 9, 2022


Sometimes, I fantasize about changing my last name to ‘Always’, because truly, ‘always’ is what life is all about. Life always, and in all ways, exists only in the present moment, and the present moment is always endless – always with no beginning, no ending, no boundaries. Also, I am always exactly where I am and always doing precisely what I’m doing. What’s happening in the present moment, right here and now, is somehow always profitable, and, somehow, I – and everyone – will always benefit from it.  I always have all the power I need, and so does everyone and everything, and every scene I happen to come upon is always pristine and somehow useful. And all these words in this small essay written by an always young 80-year-old guy named Always will always shine in a weird and wild way for a reader who’s always alert. 


about Andy H., 70, Blessings, CT, USA

He takes treasures with him
wherever he goes.
He gives big gifts of kindness 
to the clerks at the grocery store,
and endless patience to the gas pumps 
as he waits with prosperous wisdom 
for his car to be filled.  
He brings abundance 
to the roads he drives on, 
spreading affluence out the window
to drivers and valleys and homes. 
He's always ready
with reserves of acceptance,
so so-called problems are easily softened
and disappointments soon disappear 
inside the opulence of submission. 
He always feels well-off, 
as if he owns all the peace in the universe, 
which, in fact, he does. 

Our chalkboard poem for yesterday …

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