Saturday,  January 8, 2022


         If someone were to ask me today, at the beginning of my 80th year, if I still have any questions about life, I would answer with a strong yes, and would add that I have only questions, and no answers, and that I am very happy because of that. I’m sure this would cause a bewildered reaction, because for most people, answers are far better than questions, and solutions are preferred over predicaments. However, as the poet Rainer Maria Rilke advised a young poet to do, I now actually love my millions of questions and predicaments. Life, for me, has slowly blossomed into a spectacular puzzle, and each moment is, in itself, a beautiful brainteaser. I am usually smiling in the first  minutes of the morning, just thinking of the stunning, nourishing questions that await me in the coming hours, and the rewarding puzzles that will be presenting themselves, moment by mystifying moment.  

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