Tuesday, January 4, 2022

         Today, as usual, life will foster the finest qualities – in me and in everything. Every moment – even the ones that might be sad or scary – will be my loving mother and father, promoting precisely the kind of growth I need, and furthering my ability to be a blessing to every thing, situation, and person. There will be the gentlest and most loving stimulation on all sides, all day long: the enriching inspiration of cold air on our morning walk, the stirring words I will speak and hear, the stimulating thoughts that will flow up inside me like a never-ending, helpful fountain – especially if things seem worrisome.  Amazingly, each moment today will sponsor a totally new miracle – will raise and quietly care for something marvelous, and then another marvel in the next moment. The bizarre and wondrous occurrence called ‘me’ – and everything else –  will constantly be assisted and supported by the boundlessly refining force called ‘the universe’.  

         How lucky, at 80-years-old, to be always looked-after in such loving ways!  

Below, a lovely painting …

“Embankment in St. Petersburg”, watercolor, by Margarita Smirnova 

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