Monday, January 3, 2022

            In these sometimes forgetful octogenarian years, I often place sticky notes around the house to help me remember to perform various tasks, but I’ve sometimes thought it would be helpful to also set reminders here and there about the basic truths of life. For instance, in the sunroom, on my favorite chair, I could stick this little reminder: Hey Ham, remember: Each present moment arises like a newly-fashioned sun, and everything it shines upon is instantly bubbly and perky! On the table next to the chair could be this message: Good buddy, your life may sometimes seem to be a tedious trial, but in reality it is always, here and now, a stirring escapade, a caper among limitless mysterious miracles. (Note: I might need to buy some very large sticky notes for these special messages!) In the kitchen, beside the toaster, could be this reminder: Hey, old man, light will be at its finest today, and breezes will wish you the best as they lift and fall and flow along! On the dining room table, I could place this memo on an extra-large sticky note: Hey Hammy! A circle does not begin – or end – and neither does anything else! All of us – all people, things, and situations – are beginningless and endless, as infinite as a flawless circle! The couch in the living room could carry this reminder: “Yo, Hambone, the sky goes about its boundless business in peace and restfulness. You can do the same!” And, I could stop and study this note on the wall in the hallway: Hey, you good 80-year-old boy, remember that every single moment is infinite, since it has no beginning and no ending! In the bathroom, as I’m doing my various duties, I might see this useful notice: Listen up, old fella! Each day, the sunlight, even in grayness, even in rainstorms, is infinitely brighter than darkness! And in the bedroom, I could set this announcement on my pillow: Yo, dude! The ability to easily climb into and out of bed in your 80th year should bring you gladness, since it is truly an amazing skill!

            And for the patient reader of this rambling paragraph, I stick this special note here at the end: Hey, good reader! Thanks for being my friend today! 

“Winterbird #8”, oil on panel by Robin Weiss

Our chalkboard poem for today …

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