Saturday, January 1, 2022

         At this brand-new beginning of a new year, it’s wonderful to remember that, actually, every single moment is a brand-new beginning. Each moment – like this one right here and now – makes a whole new world. There is never anything old anywhere, because even the thought that something is old is a fresh, mint condition thought never experienced before in the history of the universe. Yes, this day is the dawn of a new year, but every moment of this day will also be a new dawn, as pristine and mysterious as a morning’s new light. I have no choice in the matter: I am always at the starting point of a newly revealed reality. At my desk now, my 80-year-old hands shine before me like new-fashioned miracles, and the sound of the old furnace in the basement is a state-of-the-art sound. Even the thought that just arrived from somewhere is magnificent in its newness, as will be all of the countless thoughts due to be born on this new-born day of this new-born year. Right now, and always, my life – and everything – is just beginning, just unwrapping and opening its gift, and I, and all of us, can relax and witness the marvelous birth, all day and all year!


He thought he was a separate thing, apart,
inside a universe of other separate things
surrounding him and causing him to start
a fight at every turn with all the "kings"

that tried to rule him, kings like doubt and lack
and illness. Then one day he saw a light
that shined so clear and bright he turned his back
on his belief in separateness. The sight

of something new came into view, a world
where nothing was alone and frail, but all
was part of one eternal flow that curled
around and through and over like a shawl

of well-made oneness. He could now
see how mistaken he had been! He saw
a world that clearly showed him how
an endless oneness was the only king and law!

Now, he lives in peace and feels oneness sing
of safety like a loving, calming king.

“WARM EVENING”, oil on panel by
Tanya Belousova

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