Tuesday, December 28, 2021

         ‘Mindfulness’ is a word Delycia and I often come across in our reading and in the guided meditations we listen to, and today I’m thinking that, actually, mindfulness is everywhere. The strange fact is that, no matter how diligently I search, I can never find anything in my life but thoughts – no ‘things’, including the thing called ‘me’, just thoughts – and since thoughts must be produced by a mind, this means there is, somewhere and somehow, an immense, immeasurable ‘mind’ that is full and overflowing with thoughts. In that sense, we could say that the universe itself is naturally mindful, filled up and softly spilling over with thoughts, and a special one for each moment.  I live in a universe lavish with ideas, a thoroughly mindful universe that’s superabundant and generous with its thoughts. All I have to do – so easy! – is keep the door open and welcome each prosperous thought as it arrives. 


(about Andy H., 70, Blessings, CT, USA)

Most mornings, 
he sings the same songs
birds sing on branches 
they carefully choose, 
like he carefully chooses a chair 
to sit on while he sings 
and sets the new day down 
like a gift that lets him 
slowly shine like a light 
among millions of other lights
in this universe that thinks thoughts 
that sing by the billions, 
like he sings when May 
makes a new morning 
and his old life lifts up 
and starts rolling down the road 
of another very wealthy day.   

Here’s a quick video from our 3.5 mile walk on East Beach in Watch Hill (RI) yesterday …

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