Saturday, December 25, 2021

         I recall often hearing people say, ‘Is that all?’, and it makes me think, on this Christmas Day, that yes, that is all, and by ‘that’ I mean the present moment. Right now is all there is – ever. Any past or present exists only in thoughts, which always exist right now, in the present. That’s all there is. And what’s especially wonderful is that all that exists in this eternal present is thinking. If problems or successes seem present here and now, they are present only in thoughts. All of life exists in thinking (or thoughts, or consciousness) which, being non-material, has no boundaries. All of it makes up one, single, whole, inseparable, and limitless reality. 

         Someone might ask, ‘Is that the truth – all of it?’, and I would answer ‘Yup’.


Overheard as some bicyclists passed:
“We know all we need to know.”

We do, but we don’t know it.
We don’t know that we do know
the sheer dominance of this moment
right now, the endless inner sunshine
and storms and starlight and awards
of this very moment, the way a brand
new universe is waking up inside 
this moment and making music no one 
has ever heard before, the music
of freshness and inventiveness,
the effervescent and indestructible 
harmonies of here and now. We know 
this moment because it is all there 
truly is, and, as she said as she 
rode past us, all we need to know.

… our little living room tree, and our cards to each other beneath it…

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