Thursday, December 9, 2021, 4:53 a.m.

            This day will be a day of dedication. The Universe will dedicate each moment to just being its full and immense and stunning self, and I hope I can dedicate myself to paying careful attention – even devotion – to each of those moments. Life itself will be dedicated today to being fresh and new and boundless each moment, and I will – I hope – stay committed to being attentive to its beautiful unfoldment moment by moment. In a sense, I’d like to set aside each moment today as something sacred – perhaps even consecrate each moment, the way a priest might consecrate an altar in a church. Who knows? Delycia might see me bowing every so often as I praise and pay homage to a brand-new moment. 

            This day, and this moment, like all of them, has been set aside by the universe as something singular and superior, and I hereby devote myself to holding it dear. 


I’ll be right with you,
said the stars above his house,
and so will I, 
said some enthusiastic breezes,
and me too, 
said sincerity and kindness and 
the careful, devoted flow of moments. 
We’ll all be with you, 
said breath 
as it brought its faithful gift
over and over again 
to his grateful, lucky lungs.  

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