Tuesday, December 7, 2021, 4:31 a.m.


          At the beginning of this brand-new day, I feel like I’m entering, once again, a wonderland of allure and revelation . Literally anything could happen in these next 16 waking hours, and what I know, for sure, is that it will all be – somehow, some way – for the good. Somehow, someway, whatever unfolds for me today will be a gift, and I hope I can be alert enough to perceive the benefits of all of it. Significant truths will be revealed each moment – the truth of sunlight on roads and grass, the truth of thoughts unveiling in their freshness, the truth of feelings smoothly releasing themselves into my life, the truth, even – possibly – of pain and sorrow. The new mystery of each moment will make itself known to me, and I hope I can be alert to its message. Surprises and spectacles will be disclosed for me throughout this day, and all I have to do is listen and watch with care and appreciation – and perhaps some grateful astonishment, too. 

(Philip M., 89, Blessings, CT)

One day, as he was writing a poem, 
he suddenly understood 
that he wasn’t actually creating the poem, 
just revealing it. 
He saw that the words of the poem 
had been sitting next to each other
for centuries and eons, 
and he just stumbled upon them that morning 
as he sat in front of his computer screen.  
It suddenly made him see 
that revelations are everywhere, 
unfolding and flowing for us 
from moment to moment. 
Nothing is actually created, 
just softly and sometimes obscurely 
disclosed, uncovered, made known.
He saw that surprise is constantly occurring, 
split second after split second,
as the universe affectionately 
lets its miracles be seen.   

And here’s my best of all friends, enjoying the comfort and peace of this special season …

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