Wednesday, December 1, 2021


            Sometimes, as a day draws to a close, I start beating up on myself for not accomplishing much – for not being a success that day. Usually, it’s because I haven’t completed some – or any – of the tasks on my to-do list, which makes me feel, I guess, like a bit of a failure. But fortunately, every so often, I am able to remember that the Universe, of which I am an inseparable and important part, is never a failure, and therefore neither am I. Each moment of every day is an absolute success from the Universe’s infinite perspective. Each moment makes its appearance with magnificence and perfection, even though I, being so often lost in egocentric daydreams, sometimes fail to see the accomplishment. While I’m wondering why ‘I’ am not accomplishing more, my lungs are lifting and falling with elegance, sunlight is doing its shining with flawlessness, and thoughts and feelings are unfolding for me with vastness and precision. This moment, right here and now as I type these words, is an absolutely spectacular moment never before experienced by anyone – and the next moment will be just as perfect an achievement. If the Universe had a to-do list, it would be endlessly checked off with smiles and cheers.

            So perhaps I should smile and shout for joy now, at 6:26 pm, as this outrageously successful day comes to an end.

(Accomplish, KY, USA)

In the town of Accomplish, 
all things seem to choose 
to achieve success. 
Even dust on desks in homes 
and offices succeeds in being 
the best possible dust, 
and books on bookshelves 
manage to stay superbly aligned. 
Water waits to a T 
inside pipes, and then flows out 
marvelously when requested.  
The citizens of this small, 
consummate city are precisely
as they should be each moment, 
and each moment makes 
perfect prosperity for everyone
and everything. There's even 
triumph in coughs and sneezes,
since they're always done
in ideal, undamaged ways. 

If you visit Accomplish, 
be sure to come 
with a love of magnificence.      

And here’s a scene from our walk this morning in the Coogan Nature Preserve …

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