Wednesday, November 24, 2021


            The word ‘obvious’ derives from the Latin word ‘obviam’, which means, literally, ‘in the way’, and it reminds me, at 5:42 this morning, that so many good things are ‘obvious’ – right in the way, or on the path, as I travel in the directions that life sends me. It’s obvious, for instance, that the only moment that ever exists is this moment right here and now, the eternal Present. I often get distracted by thoughts about the future or past, but it’s always plain to see, if I look, that all those thoughts take place only in the Present. It’s also crystal clear, moment by moment, that all of reality takes place in thoughts. I can never escape from the vast universe of thought, of Mind. Material ‘things’ may seem to be present and powerful, but it’s fascinating to me how self-evident it is that all of these supposedly separate ‘things’ actually reside only in my thoughts, or consciousness. It’s scientifically observable – obvious – that now is the only reality, and that it’s entirely mental – or spiritual – which means it’s beyond measurement, having no boundaries and therefore no separations. 

            Which means, to me, that it’s obvious that I live in paradise. Sure, my sometimes reckless thoughts can paint a picture of disarray and disaster, but I can usually find my ‘way’ back to the eternal Present, where troubles and worries are present, for sure, but easily turn into opportunities and wisdom, and indisputable limitless peace is plain to see all around me. 


Just do a little jump, 
and you’ll see things to rejoice over. 
Just realize how steady starlight has been
for billions of years, 
how clever and able your whole body is, 
and then the thorough loveliness 
of even fallen flower petals 
will be obvious.
Just voluntarily let rain 
roll down your affable face, 
and you’ll find the affluence 
of full satisfaction.

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