Monday, November 22, 2021


            I love the fact that I am susceptible – that, even if I sometimes am not aware of it, I can’t help but be wide-open to a million different creative influences. I’m like a sponge that soaks up anything and everything – a friendly lake that welcomes whatever falls into it. I am happily defenseless against a zillion affirmative influences from the vast universe – am easily led by forces like love and kindness and patience. Of course, I also seem to be susceptible to negative forces, but that only ‘seems’ to be. When I open my eyes and my heart, I clearly see, again, that nothing but goodness is waiting, like a smoothly rolling river, to endlessly flow into me from every direction. I am easily ‘taken in’ by confidence and freedom and wisdom, and am so susceptible to peacefulness that I’ve long since given up the struggle against it. Against such powers I am defenseless, and gratefully so!


Something was suddenly coming, 
and she knew something is always 
suddenly coming, something special 
and pristine, something that wants 
to soothe. She was sitting outside 
with the floating leaves of fall, 
and slowly but suddenly something came 
into sight, but it wasn’t a thing she could 
carry and keep, just an awareness 
that stretched out like sunshine, and 
suddenly, peacefully, another something 
became visible to her, just simple 
wakefulness, and she herself, this separate, 
susceptible person, had disappeared, 
and only the gift of this sudden, 
stress-free, continuous light was left. 

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