Sunday, November 21, 2021


            Today, there will be treasure everywhere – in every single moment, in every single place, in every single event. I won’t need to hope for some misty, far-off, future treasure, because infinite riches will be constantly available to me right here, right now, today. The most wonderful fact about this is the treasures won’t be limited, because they won’t be made of material ‘stuff’ that has limited forms and specific boundaries. The treasures of this Sunday, November 21, 2021, will be entirely mental, or spiritual, and therefore without material shapes and frameworks that can be damaged and destroyed. Each moment will be an infinite gift full of infinite wealth. This moment-by-moment wealth might come in the form of a peace that has no boundaries, and therefore can never be enclosed or limited in any way, or a boundless gentleness that nothing can restrict or place a limit on, or a bottomless patience that can easily accept and hold whatever happens to fall into it, even be it turmoil or tragedy. I won’t have to be a treasure-seeker today, because true treasure will be with me in every present moment. Every breath, every thought, every feeling will flow like limitless wealth. I just hope I can see and recognize and cherish the riches that will always encircle me on this endlessly prosperous day. 

about Andy H., 70, Blessings, CT, USA

He takes treasures with him
wherever he goes.
He gives big gifts of kindness 
to the clerks at the grocery store,
and endless patience to the gas pumps 
as he waits with prosperous wisdom 
for his car to be filled.  
He brings abundance 
to the roads he drives on, 
spreading affluence out the window
to drivers and valleys and homes. 
He's always ready
with reserves of acceptance,
so so-called problems are easily softened
and disappointments soon disappear 
inside the opulence of submission. 
He always feels well-off, 
as if he owns all the peace in the universe, 
which, in fact, he does. 

And here are scenes from our fabulous sunrise walk this morning along the Mystic River …

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