Friday, November 12, 2021


            This morning, I put on clothes to start the new day, and, amazingly, all through this day, I will be ‘putting on’ a brand-new life, moment after moment. Actually, I myself won’t be doing the ‘putting on’, because life – or Life – will be doing it for me. I have no choice in the matter. Each moment, I will be freshly dressed in newness, and so will everything else – every autumn leaf lying on the grass, every stream of sunlight among the trees, every sound of water as I wash my hands.  Even when I’m daydreaming about this or that, the daydreaming itself will put on freshness. My fantasizing will be clothed like never before. Even when I’m lost in mindlessness, the mindlessness will be magnificently dressed.

It will be fun, today, to simply observe this process of ‘putting on’ – the way Life will, moment after moment, clothe itself in inventive – even breathtaking – ways.

Here’s a poem from several years ago, on a similar topic …


In Clothe, CA, the whole town
wears the apparel of peacefulness.
Trees seem wrapped in repose,
even in storms, and homes look like
they’re cloaked in contentment.
When sorrow comes to Clothe,
it brings with it
soothing capes of compassion to wear,
and pain and distress
are usually blanketed with wisdom.
In this town, one’s days
are dressed up in simplicity,
and each moment sports serenity
in a lively way.

… and Autumn put on these lovely colors for our walk yesterday morning …

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