Sunday, November 7, 2021


         It’s amazing to realize that I am always at the precise center of the universe – and everything else is, too! The present moment is actually the only moment that exists, which means it has no beginning, no ending, no boundaries whatsoever, which means that everything – including me – is always at the exact center of all that exists. If there’s no beginning or ending, then the center is always everywhere – including wherever I am!

So … when I’m sitting at my desk at 5:16 a.m., as I am now, or walking across the carpet in the living room, or driving to church at 9:45 a.m., I will be at the center – the heart – of the universe, of everything -and so will everything else! Small sticks in the yard, squirrels scampering among trees, loose papers beside the road, and me – all of us are continuously at the clear-cut center of the universe. 

         What an honor that is – and a privilege! My face should shine in thankfulness each moment, knowing that I – and my neighbors and the local grocery store and ospreys on treetops – are at the very center of a boundless and beautiful universe. 



Yesterday he found the center of his life. 
It was a small piece of scrap paper 
resting in the grass in the park.
 The instant he saw it, 
he knew it was exactly where it must be. 
Perhaps that's why it was shining 
like a small star 
on that overcast afternoon. 
Someone had tossed it aside, 
not realizing its value, 
its loveliness when sitting in the hand 
of a man who happened to be passing. 
He held this piece of paper 
like you might hold something holy, 
like the universe holds him 
precisely where he should be.

And here are some scenes from our recent early morning walks …

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