Friday, October 15, 2021


            I live in the United States, but today I hope to remember that I also live in the united universe. I can no more be apart from anything else than a drop of ocean water can be apart from the ocean. The seemingly separate ‘thing’ called Hamilton Salsich is actually an inseparable member of a blended family with no beginning and no end, including stars in the sky and grass across prairies and all the suffering and happiness everywhere. Every breath I take today will be part of the boundless, cooperative breath of the universe, and all the thoughts I will think will arise in unison with thoughts in Tanzania and Wisconsin and animal and human communities across the earth. Everything will be in rapport today, in undivided fellowship – everything. I hope I can lay down my belief in separateness and see, each moment, the beauty of being banded together, in the United Universe, with Delycia and neighbors and whispering winds and sad or blissful families and rivers that flow like friendship. 

+ + + + +

Here’s a slideshow of some scenes from our recent daily walks in this beautiful autumn season …

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