Tuesday, October 12, 2021


            Today will be a day of great interest. Attentiveness will be everywhere – the sky showing concerns for its clouds, air from the furnace seeming concerned about my warmth, my coffee cup coming to my lips when I want it to. Everything will be of importance today, from a scattering of white dust particles on my desk to each rolling road we drive on. My interests today will include writing and breathing and seeing miracles and feeling my feet touch carpets and streets and sidewalks and grass. I will earn interest – large dividends – from this profitable day. It’s no wonder that it has charmed me already, at 6:11 a.m.!


When he stays still,
he can sometimes see
the cars of his thoughts slowly slowing down
until they are driving coolly and casually
along the quiet streets of his mind.
He can see once more 
that his mind is an old, undisturbed village 
with thoughts going and coming in quietness, 
peaceful and fearful ones side by side
like wholesome, affectionate friends. 
Always interesting, always harmless,
his thoughts, 
both happy and sad, 
swing by with a beep and a wave
and then drive off down the road,

when he stays still.

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