Saturday, October 9, 2021


            Today – all day, every moment – I hope to be fully awake. In fact, I hope to actually wake up each moment, as if the life of the entire universe, including me, is starting over again and again, which, in a way, it actually is. Everything stirs and comes to life each moment – new breath for my lungs, a new feeling, a new thought, on my desk a tube of Elmer’s School Glue glowing in a brand new way. Today, the endless universe, life itself, will awaken over and over, moment after moment, and I will be part of that uninterrupted awakening. I actually can’t escape it. I just hope I can stay watchful for it, and fully appreciate the unceasing surprises. 


Rise and shine, 
the morning says, 
and silence says it's ready to sparkle, 
and the sky says it's the queen again, 
and all your feelings 
find new words to say. 
Stay where you are,
the new day says,  
and wonder why you are there, 
and where everything starts, 
and why stillness stays beside you 
in peacefulness that never ends, 
no matter how long you look.
Stand up and stay lit, 
the morning says.
Might as well, 
it says,
since everything's actually 
a brand-new morning!  

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