Friday, October 8, 2021


            Today, I hope to be a devoted practitioner of curiosity. I want to have a spirit of inquiry all day. I want to explore each moment as though it’s a brand new, pristine territory, which it actually will be, and I want to rummage around among my thoughts and feelings to see what fresh treasures are there. Countless novelties and oddities lie ahead for me in the next 16 hours, each of which could be a conversation piece in the evening. Strangeness I’ve never seen before lies ahead, and I hope to practice inquisitiveness hour after hour. Who? what? how? and why? are questions I’ll be asking all day as I zealously watch the wonders of October 8, 2021 unfold.  

(Braelynn J., 52, Blessings, CT)

Everything is always responding to her,
holding her close and caring for her,
answering the innocence in her
with the innocence of the universe.
She listens, and answers,
and then they continue to question –
breezes, sparrows, easily passing clouds, silence, herself –
the queries of a curious universe
and the responses of an inquisitive, sympathetic person.
She gives, and then they give –
attention, interest, consideration –
a sensitive person sharing with sunshine and roses
and lines of geese above,
sharing, distributing, welcoming, responding.

And here is Delycia’s son Aaron presenting her with her birthday cake (#81) yesterday. We celebrated the grand occasion in fine style!

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