Tuesday, October 5, 2021


            All of us would like to have a friendly power close by that is steadfast and faithful, and actually, I  do have it, always. It’s called the present, or perhaps the uppercase – Present – would be more appropriate. No friend is more loyal than the dutiful, unwavering Present. It can’t possibly be anywhere but right by my side, always reliable, always unswerving in its devotion. What’s truly marvelous about the Present is the fact that it has no boundaries. It’s a power that spreads out past the distant horizons, surrounding me with a friendly force that’s as vast as endless, affable valleys and hills. No matter where I am today, no matter what might be happening – be it good, bad, fearful, or delightful – the Present, with its immeasurable power, will be right beside me, inside me, part of me. Look where I may, I won’t be able to find the past or the future, except right in the center of here and now, softly cuddled by the infinite – and infinitely dependable – Present. It will be like being a drop of water in an endless, gracious ocean, just swaying along in the kindhearted currents of right here and right now. I hope I can keep my heart open to enjoy the journey! 


One morning their modest yard
became a land of promise, a place 
that awaited them with wonders. 
A spirit of faithfulness strolled through it, 
and 'welcome' was signaled 
by sparrows and flowers and dutiful 
unfolding and folding winds that went 
where the spirit of faithfulness sent them. 
Their simple yard said it would promise 
to stay straightforward and lovely 
as long as they stayed, 
and they assured it, 
in the always trusted sunshine, 
that they would stay and be steadfast.

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