Friday, October 1, 2021


            Today I want to let the miracles of each moment remake my life over and over again. Really, all I ever need to do is let. The generous, lavish present moment has gracious gifts prepared for me today, all day, and all I need to do is step back and give my consent. It will be as easy as saying ‘Yes’ from dawn to dark. I truly don’t have to work hard today, or labor, or toil. All that’s necessary is to give permission to each moment to take me on its brand new trip. If there’s sadness in some moments, giving permission to the sadness will allow me to see the wisdom it holds inside it, and if sorrow is the gift some moments bring, I need to open the sorrow slowly and accept the secret strength and understanding it always carries with it.  I hope to be a green light today instead of a red one. I want to let the flow of the miraculous present moment move smoothly along. 

Jimmy Lee H., 38, Blessings, CT

Some days, Jimmy just winks at everything,
simply lets things happen as they will.
On these days, he accepts the strange sounds 
of the dishwasher, and consents to the noise
of the interstate close by. He says yes
to the discomfort in his stomach, 
 hands with a host of worries, 
and high-fives 
his significant fears. 
He says it’s a day 
for permissions, 
so he lets disappointments 
stroll through his large life, 
and quickly 
condones the raucous motorcycles 
sometimes race past his house. 
On those days of 
he even tips his hat to his 
to-do list, 
and smiles as he sweeps the kitchen floor. 

And here’s a slide show of scenes from my walk yesterday morning in the Peace Sanctuary …

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