Sunday, September 26, 2021


            All day today, there will be a wondrous arrival: the present moment. I will continuously see the appearance of something never seen before – a brand-new guest called ‘here and now’. It will be like the surfacing of a miracle, over and over again – a sunrise inside each moment, a new dawn at 5:05:01 and 5:05:02 and 5:05:03. I hope I am ready to greet each arrival, and ready to be astonished.


            And … I hope I can feel youthfulness throughout the moments of this day, because it will definitely be there. Each of my approximately 57,000 waking moments today will be spry and sprightly, born brand-new right here and now. There couldn’t possibly be anything ‘old’ all day , because each and every moment will have never existed before. No one will have ever seen 8:42 a.m., September 26, 2021, before it unfolds later this morning, and the same is true for all the other moments of this fresh-faced day. Each one will appear in the springtime of its life, full of child-like vitality. I truly cannot escape from this continuous sparkle of creation today – and, anyway, who would want to escape from continuous, state-of-the art, and full-of-life paradise? 


One day, 
a woman awoke to see 
that she actually lived in a land 
overflowing with a different kind 
of affluence, for hovering 
around her, she now saw, 
were limitless riches, 
but in the form of friendliness
and generosity and gentleness. 
As far as she could see, 
treasures like kindness and 
unselfishness were fanned out 
and free for the taking.    
She asked her husband to help her
gather them, but then they saw
these gifts were flowing freely 
into their lives, so they 
relaxed and just laughed
and let them arrive. 

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