Thursday, September 23, 2021


            Life is always ebullient. The problem is that I am not often aware of it. I go through my days as if life is more like a miserable mess than a high-spirited jaunt. Today, leaves will be rustling in vivacious ways in the trees in our yard, sunshine will be brushing lawns and houses on our street in wondrous ways, my heart will be falling and rising in lovely rhythms – and yet I’ll probably, at least some of the time, be lost in wandering, worrisome thoughts. It’s like living in a beautiful home on the rim of the Grand Canyon, and yet never really noticing the sparkling beauties of the canyon. Every present moment today will be, in a very real way, enthusiastic to give me countless new gifts – new breath, new sights, new sounds, new thoughts, new feelings – and I just hope I can stay alert and graciously receive these moment-by-moment gifts. Yes, there may be sadness and even sorrow in the coming hours, but even then, the natural buoyancy in life can keep me afloat and free right in the center of the troubles. Even in my darkest times, winds will still be exuberant, light will still glow and gleam, and hearts – including my own – will still irrepressibly beat. I just have to wake up and be aware of this endless enthusiasm of the amazing marvel called ‘life’. 

Bobby L., 37, Blessings CT

He continuously sees spontaneity -
in the enthusiastic swirls of his thoughts,
in the way rhododendron leaves leap 
and tremble in winter’s winds, in 
the blustering words he hears in stores. 
The blueness of skies in all seasons 
seems almost impulsive, as if fresh 
azure colors are constantly being created 
above him. Spontaneity enables all things 
in his life to live in a flexible way - stable, 
but always blowing and tumbling - durable, 
but humbly able to rumble and roll,
like the thoughts that are always 
happily jumbling inside him

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