Friday, September 17, 2021


            Each moment today, the universe will totally fulfill its duties. Sunshine will show up precisely where it should, winds will blow in all the best ways, dust will sit on my desk in satisfactory patterns, and now will always be exactly right here. Today, my heart will carry out its duties as carefully as it possibly can. Each breath – even those with gasps and shortness – will be managed with proficiency, and all my thoughts will succeed in being just what they should be.  This will be a fulfilling day, in every way. Success will be flawlessly present in every present moment. Even disappointment and sorrow, if they show up, will be as perfect as possible, and thus will lead my life in a perfect direction. It will be a day of steady accomplishment. Each moment will succeed in amazingly impeccable ways. 

(about Make McGuire, 79, Blessings, CT)

Make says he’s always been fascinated 
by how much is accomplished around him  
-- how water constantly adjusts itself 
to various glasses and bowls, how light 
is always arranging and rearranging itself 
among the trees in the yard. He calls 
to his wife to come and see the clouds 
assembling new displays above their house, 
and they both love the way the weather 
is constantly brewing something new 
for them. Each day is constructed perfectly, 
he says, even though he sometimes fails 
to see the perfection. It’s like the day 
is always cooking up gifts for Delycia
and him, always dreaming up some 
new surprises for them. Make says life, 
to them, is a highly skilled designer, 
always fashioning wonders as they watch.    

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