Friday, September 10, 2021


            I need not worry about being able to endure the difficulties I may face in the future, for I am an inseparable and essential part of an immeasurable universe that knows no boundaries to both its powerful softness and commanding strength, and which constantly shows me examples of both. There’s water, for instance, one of my greatest instructors – both lovingly soft and insuperably strong. Like water, I am soft enough to calmly accept whatever ‘falls’ into me, and also strong enough to easily carry duties and tasks as heavy as the heaviest ships. And there’s air – able to both softly flow around obstacles in its path and also hold up massive airplanes as they flow through its softness. Like air, I can smoothly stream through and around any problems, and also hold up – support, provide for, and take care of –  families and friends and strangers who need my help.   

            I am indeed fortunate to have Professor Universe for my teacher, showing me – every moment – how to use my boundless inheritance of softness and strength.

(about Shay M., 91, Blessings, CT, USA)

Shay's become a soft touch in his elder years. 
He softly touches problems
and they easily dwindle away,
and fears always fall victim 
to his easy-going touch.  
He lightly strokes his worries
as if they're his friends.
and they slowly fade off with smiles. 
If he smoothly rubs a sorrow,
it whispers its wisdom to him,
and sometimes stays for weeks 
as his special instructor. 
At the gentle age of 91, 
Shay's spoken words have a soothing touch,
as if you could stroll with them 
and softly toss away your worries.   

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