August 14, 2021


            I wish I could constantly keep in mind that life is like this tall, lovely hollyhock in Delycia’s garden, which always seems to be dancing, even when almost motionless on a mild summer afternoon.  Likewise, even when distress and sorrow seem to be bulldozing across the earth, this life that I share with stars and  oceans and people and hollyhocks is still dancing in its sometimes secret but always harmonious ways. This lofty flower waves with grace even in winds and rain, dances with assurance even in the darkest of nights. I’ve often watched it sway with its steady gracefulness and wished I, too, could live this way, by bravely and beautifully yielding to life instead of stiffening up and struggling with it. This imperial flower is a tall, stately, twirling teacher of mine, and today I hope to take in its lucky lessons once again.  

(overheard: "So that's my new method.")

	"So that's my new method," 
said a mountain, 
"just making a miracle 
of stillness and silence." 
And the ocean said, 
"My new way 
is working new wonders with waves 
each moment."
And then a mighty moment said, 
"Throwing miracles around 
like bountiful songs 
is my new system.
So please listen and see,"
it said. 
"New-fashioned formulas
are following you, 
here and now,
newly arrived and never-ending!"

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