Tuesday, August 10, 2021


         The word ‘discover’ literally means ‘to remove the cover’, and, as the years have passed, I feel like a seemingly solid cover has slowly been removed from my life. Now, at the age of 79, I sometimes feel like I’m standing on a high mountain peak and staring at a boundless and beautiful land I’ve never seen before – as if a cover of clouds and mist has been withdrawn and a stunning scene has come into view.  I don’t mean that life has become perfectly pain-free and beautiful for me. I still face fears and sorrows and setbacks each day, and the daily news continues to present a world full of malice and mayhem, but I’m more able now to see that, right in the midst of the seeming disorder of daily life, there’s a peace that has no boundaries and can never be defeated. I think I’ve finally realized that all of the so-called problems I’ve struggled with for so many years are no more substantial or dangerous than the softest mist that sometimes covers vast valleys. I’m now able, at least sometimes, to see through the mist of  troubles and tribulations, and discover, again, the boundless, indescribable beauty that life is truly made of. It’s like discovering a brand-new world at least a few times each day. Perhaps, at 79, I’ve finally reached ‘the age of discovery’. 

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