Sunday, August 8, 2021


         For so many years, I thought of ‘my life’ as something small and separate and fairly defenseless, just a wee speck in a senselessly swirling universe, but now, in my 79th year, I see how completely wrong I was. Now, I  understand that ‘my life’ is actually not mine at all, but is simply an infinitesimal ripple in the stupendous and boundless life called the universe. And ‘infinitesimal’ is not the right word, because in a truly boundless universe, there are no boundaries at all, and so there are no boundaries to what is called ‘me’. I am truly as immeasurable as the starry sky. My thoughts come from infinity, and my feelings flow from the one limitless and universal ocean of feelings. Like the universe, I – Hamilton Salsich – am cosmic, king-sized, and colossal, and so is every person, petunia, and bumblebee. Reality itself is unbounded and unfathomable, and I am a vital part of that reality – and always will be. My material body – my brain and bones and blood – will someday disappear, but only because it will all shift and transform within the always reshaping universe. In a measureless universe, nothing – including ‘me’ – truly dies, but just swaps and switches and always stays the course on the incalculable journey called life.  

         How did ‘I’ get so lucky to be a part of this vast adventure?  

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