Thursday, August 5, 2021


         It’s fun to think of a day as being noble – and truly, all of them are. This day that lies in front of me – this splendid August 5 – is of noble birth, having been created by the infinitely magnanimous universe. All of its 16 hours that I will be awake for will be honorable, each of those 960 minutes will be stately and glorious, and all those 57,000 seconds will be awe-inspiring beyond description. Trouble is, I may not be ‘awake’ enough to appreciate the loftiness and splendor of this unique – but also very ‘typical’ – day. Because of my fairly steady habit of musing and fantasizing, I may miss the magnificence that will stand at the center of each moment today. Lost in busyness and bustle, I may forget that today is made from stars and atoms that burst into being before time began, and that all of its hours will be as sublime as sunrises.  As I write this, at 4:59 a.m., I am on the threshold of marvelous and flawless August 5, 2021. May I be filled with awe and esteem for the next 57,000 seconds.     

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