Tuesday, August 3, 2021


         Today, at every moment, the universe will be involved in a grand undertaking, venturing far beyond what it has ever tried before – and, lucky for me, I will be along for the ride. It’s important for me to remember that I will not be in charge of this awesome enterprise, but will simply be a drop of water in a shoreless, bottomless river that is off, as always, on an adventurous mission. Each and every moment will be a lighthearted – and absolutely safe – leap in the dark. All the moments will be bold in their newness and matchlessness. The universe – and therefore I – will be peppy and gutsy today. ‘Anything goes’ – and goes in a dauntless and perfectly poised way. The hours will be unshrinking in their mission to explore the limitless possibilities, and I will be their brave companion. I actually have no choice, since adventure is what the universe chose for me before it even began – and today will be another grand trek along its wondrous trail. It will be, as usual, an instructive, expansive escapade, and I’m so lucky to be a fellow traveler and trail-blazer. 


In Venture, Virginia,
even sitting in silence at your desk 
is an exciting experience, 
and breathing in and breathing out 
is an awe-inspiring passage
into the everlasting land of newness. 
Just the ticking of a clock 
can bring riskiness and enthusiasm 
to everyday lives in Venture, 
and seeing sticky-notes on a fridge
can cause a person to praise the life they live. 
There are thrills in throwing scraps 
into wastebaskets, 
and just bringing toast to your lips 
can be a rousing episode
in your valorous life 
in Venture, Virginia.  

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