Monday, August 2, 2021


         The most persistent force in my life is the present moment, or just the present, and today I hope to feel that force in its fullness. The present will be purposeful all day, stubbornly staying with me no matter how far I mentally sail into the past or the future. It will be my unflagging friend, following right behind me, always there to softly brighten everything whenever I turn and recognize it again. The present will be patient today, quietly allowing me to daydream and woolgather, since it knows that, in truth, it – the relentless present – is really all there is in this limitless universe, and that eventually it alone will be the peaceful prizewinner. Lucky for me, the present is tireless, and today it will be insistent on staying with me and showing me – whenever I open my eyes and mind – its latest glorious gifts.  

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